Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"too close for comfort"

so i haven't written in a while but i felt led to get on and write about this particular subject

I will start off by telling a short story my fiance josh shared with me.
There was a young boy who was welcomed into the kings palace but the king handed the boy a spoon full of oil and told him to walk around the palace, when the boy got back the king asked what he thought, and the boy replied "I was so concentrated on not spilling the oil, i did not see the palace at all"
The king told him to try it one more time but to open his eyes and look around.
The boy got back so excited and loved everything he saw but the oil was no longer in the spoon.

The point is, you should make sure the things right in front of you ARE taken care of, but dont get so caught up in that, that you dont see the big picture around you of your beautiful palace. There IS a happy medium.

take a picture frame that is bigger than your face and hold it to your nose, how much of that picture do you see? Now take it and hold it out in front of you, isnt the full picture so much better than that little glimps that you had before?

the truth is sometimes God DOESNT show us the full picture, sometimes HE only wants us to see a glimps, but are you so wrapped up around the glimps he gave you that you forget about the blue sky, the white snow, the friends Hes brought in your life, the blessings Hes given you?.....i have!

My best lessons are written out of experience. You live and you learn and as God opened my eyes I want to open yours

Maybe some of you have friends that have hurt you, family members, co workers, students, maybe you know some one who does drugs, drinks alchol, parties. Now think of how you treat that person, do you act holier than thou? or do you welcome them in showing them the light of Jesus the one who died for our sins, the all forgiving, all loving Lord and Savior? Do we stick our noses up, disaprove of everything they do, judge them and then dismiss them from our lives? WHY??? why do that???? dont hate the sinner hate the sin! I dont agree with the choices and i wont participate with them and i dont "dwell with fools" but i dont shun them off, i welcome them, i try to be an example, of our loving Jesus. Have you tried to tell these people about Jesus? and if they already know Him then God will be the one to judge NOT us.

I went to a conference recently, where adam mccain showed us a video, some of you may know him penn the migician, one of the biggest athiests, publically known. well he did a blog and stated "how much do you have to HATE some one not to tell them about heaven and hell" if we believe some one could go to hell and BURN FOR ETERNAL LIFE HOW CAN WE NOTTTT TELL PEOPLE if WE could change ONE life through Jesus Christ to get them to eternal life, dont you think its worth it????

thats all i had i have to say for now
love you all

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

long time no talk!!!

things have been great, i moved!!! and josh has a new appartment well its a half a house its sooo big and amazing!! my dress alterations for the wedding are almost done i get to pick up the dress august 18th =) went dress shopping with wanda today and going with every one else the 22nd of august =D lots and lots of work and planning lately but ill get on and write more when i can just reminding you all i havent forgotten about you
love you all

Friday, June 26, 2009

psalms 40:1

Lord, I'm waiting patiently, help me,
hear my cries, you are my heart beat
Lord, I'm waiting patiently, hear me,
wipe my eyes, You're in the drivers seat

Sometimes its a little hard at home
friends aren't always there and I feel alone
Trying so hard not to look back
and now I'm standing still,
afriad of getting off track

I'm so sick of arguments
Running through my head,
it's torment
The words that spill out, pour into my ears
And I can't handle these nights full of tears
and no matter what I say
These conditions stay the same

Lord, I'm waiting patiently, help me,
hear my cries, you are my heart beat
Lord, I'm waiting patiently, hear me,
wipe my eyes, You're in the drivers seat

Thrown around all over the place
And still I don't recognize my own face
I over please to get their affection
But all I get is a little bit attention

I can't do this by myself
Lord please, I just need your help
There's no way I can do this by myself
I give it up to you I need your help

Lord, I'm waiting patiently, help me,
hear my cries, you are my heart beat
Lord, I'm waiting patiently, hear me,
wipe my eyes, You're in the drivers seat
I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.
I waited patiently for the Lord to hear me, and he turned to me and wiped my eyes

Sunday, June 21, 2009

peer pressure

Dress me up, do my hair
pick out my make up, I don't care
tell me where to walk
tell me when to talk
we all dress the same
we all feel the same
but I just want to be different
can't I just be different?

wont you accept me?
wont you let me, just be me
I wanna laugh too
I'm coming out, I don't want to be you

I need you Jesus
Tell me where to walk
Tell me when to talk
Be with me in my every step
All this non-sense I'm going to shed
coming out of my shell
I choose heaven over hell

Put the cigarette in my mouth
stash the alcohol at my house
I just want to fit in
I'll do what it takes to get in
Being some one else, makes it harder to live
I'll take the blade and cut my wrist
We all look the same
we all act the same
but i'm different
I know I'm different

Jesus save me
this is not me
Help me build my faith again
I need you to be my friend again
Time after time that I fell
I still choose heaven over hell

Saturday, June 6, 2009

friend or foe??

so I talked about bad influences, and I forgot to mention something very important, that I, myself have experienced. So you took the influence test and your friends seemed to have passed, they are most likely friends who seem to be good influences, that don't curse or follow the world, but how do they treat you??? Are they the type of friend that you seem to always have to bring up, the type of friend that always says "ohhh i look so baddd" just to get a compliment out of you? or ALWAYS seems to be in some sort of dramatic situation with all their other friends and most likely you every now and again? I've noticed this in some people and also have been stuck in these situation or have been THAT type of friend. ITS AWEFUL GET YOURSELF OUT OF THAT FRIENDSHIP! they don't build you up, they emotionally drain and stress you! They aren't their for you when you need them but always seem to call you when THEY need help. Or how about how draining it gets to compliment every little thing they do JUST so they don't get upset with you or mad at you because they seem to get mad at everything and anything you say. they say things like "i didnt do anything why are you being mean???" (just because at that second you wanted to be lifted up rather than lifting them up) or "why do you always give me attitude??" when you KNOW you haven't done anything. or if every 5 seconds they say "are you getting annoyed with me" it an attention strive that "high" looking for. maybe they didn't get it as kids so don't be harsh on them when they act this way, just get out of that friendship. You will emotionally burn out and see negative changes in yourself, most likely not as happy as usual. Christian, or not, people still try to take advantage of people. and if you notice these qualities in your friends it may be time to find some better, more uplifting friends that will help you grow spiritually. Try to be a mentor to those friends who have lost their way, but certainly dont stress over making sure they feel good when they never spend time on you. Oh and one last thing, if you notice you do thise, you try to get attention or get comments out of your friends 24/7 or always seem to be in a fight with some one or always have drama going on, or if people just dont seem to want to be around you that much, it may be YOU not them so take a step back and take a quick personality check, ive had to do this many times, and maybe you didnt start that way but eventually grow into this person, make sure you try your best to do what Jesus would, it wont change over night but God sees the effort. I just thought I'd add that into the friends subject.
love you guys
cassie =)

Friday, May 8, 2009


"Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces." Proverbs 13:20(message)
Have you ever noticed being in school with people who curse or do drugs or drink, you get this fleshy feeling, like it seems enticing, or something you want to do, or even in church or with your regular day to day friends that aren't walking the right path of Christ and you know it but you still stick around them. EVEN THE BIBLE SAYS YOU WILL WATCH YOUR LIFE FALL TO PIECES IF YOU HANG OUT WITH FOOLS!! It can be hard finding christian friends in school, in homeschool classes, in church, in your every day to day life, but you NEED to or your life will fall apart right before your very eyes. This is a subject I just want to stress to teenagers so badly. Peer pressure and temptations come so easily so why up your chances of falling by hanging out with people who are not uplifting and examples of Christ. I've watched friends worship God and love Him with their lives, then get caught up in the wrong crowd and stop jumping during worship services, then slowly stop bringing their Bible and notebooks, stop tithing, and eventually not even go to church and completely turn their backs on God. If this is you and you have no idea why turn and look to who is by your side, is it friends that don't worship and love God the way they should. Who would you rather be by your side, wishy washy temporary friends who will turn their backs the moment they get the chance or GOD THE ONE WHO WAS THE SAME YESTERDAY AS HE IS TODAY AND THE DAYS TO COME, HE WILL NEVER CHANGE, He will NEVER turn HIS back He is ALWAYS there waiting for you.Hebrews 13:8-"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever!" read that very carefully. and if you are some one who has just started hanging out with people who don't have the characteristics f some one of Christ get out fast! It's okay to tell them about Jesus and be a mentor to them but to hang with them and be around them all the time you will soon notice changes in you, trying to become friends with people who do not love Jesus with all their hearts and walk the right path, to try and get them to love Jesus is just like if a clean kid went outside to play with a dirty kid in mudd to try and rub off his cleanliness to the dirty kid but instead you know that the once clean kid also becomes dirty, you can't throw soap into mudd and clean the mudd, the soap becomes dirty, but with clean pure water (aka Jesus) you can wash away the dirt and become clean and new again. I really hope you understand the importance of finding friends of Godly wisdom, I have too made the mistake of having the accompany of the wrong crowd, and I have experienced how much you change just by who you hang out with. It could start by listening to different music, instead of worship cd's or KLOVE (101.3) or Air1 (107.3) you start listening to 107.9 or take baby steps and start listening to 93Q just to fit in, then you dress differently, your attitude changes, your relationship with your family changes, your heart isn't as open as it once was, your ears don't hear Gods voice as well, you aren't as happy, you stop bringing your Bible to church, maybe even eventually stop going to church, but hopefully you read this or some one in your church gets to you before you learn the hard way. because God is so great!!! He loves you with all his heart and want YOU to be His and have your heart set on HIM. He died for YOU!!!! I hope if you notice a friend going through this situation or if you're going through this, I really hope this helped
God Bless
Cassie =]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was thinking that if any one had any subjects or topics or anything you want to talk about just comment this post anonymously and I can discuss it in my next post with Biblical views and scriptures. If you have any questions or a thought that has crossed your mind or if you just want me to write on a certain topic like abstinence, politics, relationships, ANYTHING CRAZY even FOOD...hope to hear from you soon